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Benedetto/Blessed: Celebrating the Life and Music of Tony Bennett

The best is yet to come as Russ Lorenson honors an American music icon, the man whom Frank Sinatra called "the best singer in the business."

He’s that regular guy from Astoria, Queens, who left his heart in San Francisco. He's the civil rights pioneer whose groundbreaking friendship with an African-American Army buddy during World War II caused his superiors to punish him by making him dig graves. He’s the postwar heartthrob who inspired hundreds of young girls to wear black outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral on his wedding day. His first music video - at age 67 - made him the darling of the MTV generation. He’s the consummate artist known worldwide for his paintings. He's the recording artist who's sold over 50 million records, won 15 Grammy Awards, and released the best selling album of his career - at age 80! The world knows him as Tony Bennett, but his birth name - Benedetto - means "blessed", an accurate adjective to describe both the man and his fans.

Watch the demo:

Press quotes:

"This tribute to Tony Bennett is also a tribute to Russ Lorenson. He sings with elegance and piercing insight. He embodies every nuance about Tony Bennett without trying to act like him. And that, my friends, is what great genius is all about."

"Lorenson's voice hits the same thrilling timbres as his subject on the same money-notes, not impersonating Bennett, but bringing his own artistry to the party. Bennett's credo: Perform only the best music. Lorenson takes this and one-ups it. His combo is among the top 10 playing *anywhere*. Even if you're not a Bennett fan (do they exist?), you'll become one by evening's end."
    San Francisco Bay Times

"...Lorenson's tribute is solid gold."
    Napa Valley Register

"It would be folly to do a Bennett impersonation when the real Bennett is still performing at 83. So Lorenson does the right thing, capturing attitude and Bennett's career-long philosophy - only perform the very best music. Lorenson handles the material skillfully, and uses his own remarkable voice and style to make the tunes his own, while still celebrating the way Bennett presented them."
    San Jose Mercury-News

"The audience thrilled to Lorenson. An elegant performer, he brought a supple voice and strong sense of characterization to all his songs. And he shined with an understated charm..."
    Los Angeles Times

"Listen to that voice - such a great singer! I love the way you sing - you bring so much to the party!"
    Jan Wahl, KRON4-TV

"Lorenson's voice was even and comforting throughout the evening, and he is an audience charmer. He does not try to imitate Bennett, thankfully, but with his quartet accompaniment, he revealed the artistry of a master crooner as though he were a devoted acolyte. He uses the attitudes and approaches of Bennett, but even with no reference to him, Lorenson's own vocal technique is a masterpiece."
    San Francisco Examiner

"...his relaxed, easy deliveries seem natural and heartfelt..."
    San Diego Union-Tribune

    Coronado Journal

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