First up, Terry Rosenstock, Owner of Golden Gate Group Tickets, which provides entertainment, activities and dining options for all types of groups.  Terry and I started working together when she booked several groups to come see private group performances of a few of my shows.  If you’ve got a group and you’re looking for fun things to do, check out her website at  Thanks Terry!!

Next is Korede Adeniji, a co-worker of the husband’s and someone I’ve only met briefly.  But I feel like I know her so well because Daniel raves about her non-stop.  Thanks for your help, Korede!!

You know how some co-workers become more like your co-survivors from a POW camp?  Well, Joyce Koroslev and I have been though at least one war together in day-job land, and have lived to tell about it (if you ply us with cocktails!).  Thanks Joyce – you’re a doll!

Finally, there are several people who have decided to remain anonymous with their assistance, and just because I can’t mention them by name doesn’t mean they’re not as important.  This anonymous group is responsible for nearly 6% of the funds raised so far!  You know who you are out there, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU even though I can’t name you!! #holidayspiritcd