ITHS - IGG Page Assets_INTRO IMAGE copy 4We had a soft launch of our Indiegogo campaign over the holiday weekend, and we are already almost 12% funded! But now that Easter is over, it’s time to REALLY get “In The Holiday Spirit”!

The first week of any crowdfunding campaign is incredibly important. The more individual donations that come in – of ANY size – the more Indiegogo will promote us, and the more people will know about the campaign, helping to ensure success. While I want to raise as much as possible, it’s actually the NUMBER of individual donations that drive the visibility more than the amount. Whatever you can provide during this first week is wildly appreciated. The campaign runs for thirty days so there’s time to add later, but any donation – even $1 – has a significant impact.

To check out the campaign, visit:

I will truly be eternally grateful if you choose to be a part of “In The Holiday Spirit”! But if it’s not a good time to make a donation, you can still be an extremely important part of this project by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, or YouTube! Indiegogo uses an algorithm that determines which campaigns are trending – and thus, which ones they feature on their pages – based in large part on the social media traffic that is being generated by the campaign. Whenever and wherever you share, don’t forget to tag your post with the hashtag ‪#‎holidayspiritcd‬.


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