All the news about “In The Holiday Spirit,” my new CD!

Apologies for the long update – there’s a lot to share!


First of all, we had a “soft release” on September 4th – this means that the CD was available for pre-order via various outlets.  The reason for the soft release was to meet the September 30 deadline for Grammy Award eligibility.  Well, we submitted and were accepted onto the initial nominating ballot for this year’s Grammys in 2 categories!  The album is nominated in the category of “Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album,” alongside other illustrious nominees like Tony Bennett, Seth MacFarlane, Kristin Chenoweth, Josh Groban, Barry Manilow, and Billy Vera.  The chances of the CD making it onto the final ballot is slim, but it still feels amazing to have our work be considered alongside such amazing artists!  First round ballots are due on November 4, and sometime in late November, the final 5 nominees will be announced.  Nomination or not, I’m planning to attend the 58th Annual Grammy Awards in February!

The second category we’re nominated in is “Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals” for Kelly Park’s fantastic arrangement of “You’re All I Want For Christmas!”  I’m so thrilled that Kelly got recognized for this work.  When I first decided I wanted to record this song, the only versions previously recorded were ballads, most notably by Bing Crosby and Al Martino.  While lovely, as a ballad I found this song to be too syrupy-sweet and frankly, a little boring.  I asked Kelly to come up with an up-tempo, swingin’ big band version, and he NAILED it!  The first time I heard the arrangement, I got goosebumps, because it was like he could hear what was in my head.  Way to go, Kelly!  You’ve got my vote!!


Even before the soft release, we started working on getting the all-important reviews of the CD to help marketing efforts at the time of the street release.  We approached Christmas music blogs, independent reviewers, and established print publications.  While many of the reviews are yet to be published (most will be out in the late November/early December timeframe, simply due to the holiday aspect of the album), the reviews we’ve gotten have been fantastic!

The most important print review has come from Downbeat, the preeminent jazz publication in the world.  The editors gave In The Holiday Spirit FOUR STARS and will be including it in their prestigious “Best Albums of 2015” list (full review here)!  The biggest jazz website,,  just released their review today, giving the CD 3.5 stars out of 4, saying “One of the more engaging aspects of Holiday Spirit is that it consists almost entirely of newer and lesser-heard Christmas themes, some of which may take their place in coming years as holiday classics.”  You can read the full review here.

The two largest Christmas music blogs have also weighed in on the CD.  Merry & Bright says, “It would be a perfect soundtrack to trimming your tree on a cold December night, accompanied by a nice clove and cinnamon spiced hot toddy.”  My favorite review comes from the biggest Christmas music blog, the interestingly named Stubby’s House of Christmas.  The reason I like it so much is because the reviewer really “got it” – that we were setting out to make a CD that would fit comfortably alongside the classic holiday albums from the 1940s/1950s “Golden Age of Christmas Music.”  Martin John (AKA “Stubby”) says, “If you grew up listening to the classic crooners–Sinatra, Dino, Tony Bennett–no doubt you pull out those holiday albums every year.  And, at least once as you listen to those timeless classics, the thought that ‘they just don’t make ’em like they used to’ crosses your mind.  We’ve been fortunate that Mr. Bennett is still going strong, even gracing us with new holiday recordings from time to time.  But you have to look a little harder to find that, yes, every once in a while, someone makes ’em like they used to. As an album that harkens back to the days of Sinatra, Martin, Bennett, and Crosby, ‘In The Holiday Spirit’ should get your Christmas music season started on a high note.”


And finally, the hardest nut to crack for any indie musician is getting their music played on the radio. Fortunately, because of the rise of Internet radio that isn’t controlled by the three big corporate radio conglomerates, it’s not impossible to get significant airplay on web radio, especially if you’re a “niche” artist and can appeal to specialty stations such as those that play Christmas music all year ’round.

We’ve been fortunate to get significant airplay already on some of the biggest Internet Christmas stations:

Christmas Songs Radiolisten on TuneIn
Countdown2Christmas Radiolisten on TuneIn
KringleRadiolisten on TuneIn
ChristmasRadio.comlisten on Live365
The Sounds of Christmaslisten on Live365
SOMAfmlisten on iTunes

We have also submitted to many jazz/standards stations, most of whom won’t start playing holiday tracks until after Thanksgiving.  One of those stations is, who has always been so supportive of my work.  For the last two years, listeners have voted to include me on the station’s annual “Top 100 Christmas Songs,” and hopefully that will happen again this year!  I’m currently scheduled to make my annual on-air holiday visit with Brad “Martini” Chambers and “Mother” Miriam on Friday, December 4.  You can listen to it via TuneIn or iTunes, or through the station website.  And for the 13 of you that contributed to the IndieGogo campaign at the “Dancer” level, be sure to listen in for your worldwide “shout out” of thanks!


Finally, I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who decided to take a chance and invest in this project via IndieGogo.  I truly could not have done it without you, and I am so grateful for your support.  I’ve felt a great deal of responsibility to deliver on the promises I made to you, and I hope you are pleased.

Love & gratitude,


PS – If you are local to the San Francisco area and contributed at the eligible levels to the IndieGogo campaign, your CD will be available at my 10th Annual Christmas in San Francisco show at Feinstein’s at the Nikko on Friday, December 11.  If you are not local, CDs and other perks will go out in the mail in late November after Thanksgiving here in the U.S..


Russ Lorenson, often called “San Francisco’s Favorite Crooner,” is releasing In The Holiday Spirit, which teams his warm voice with The Kelly Park Big Band. The new CD balances swinging “up” tunes with tender ballads, while consistently emphasizing the joy and fun of the holiday season.

If you grew up listening to the Christmas albums of the classic crooners – Sinatra, Dino, Tony Bennett – no doubt you still pull out those holiday albums every year. And, at least once as you listen to those timeless classics, the thought that “they just don’t make ’em like they used to” crosses your mind. While Mr. Bennett is still going strong, even gracing us with new holiday recordings from time to time, you have to look a little harder to find that, yes, every once in a while, someone makes ’em like they used to.

Russ Lorenson’s In The Holiday Spirit is a new classic that is reminiscent of that timeless style, but with a twist. While most new Christmas records feature the same 20 or so chestnuts that fill the commercial airwaves each holiday season, In The Holiday Spirit showcases songs that are obscure yet superior, memorable yet rarely-performed. Nearly all of the tunes will be new to most of today’s listeners, yet are sung in a vintage retro fashion that is quite infectious.

In The Holiday Spirit has been awarded four stars by the editors of Downbeat and will be included in the magazine’s prestigious “Best Albums of 2015” list. Already playing to great response on the web’s most popular Internet Christmas radio stations, the album is sure to be just as popular with listeners of terrestrial radio.

In The Holiday Spirit begins with “Shake Hands With Santa Claus”, an enthusiastic and catchy tribute to the jolly old gent first made popular by Louis Prima in the 1950s. “Holiday For Two,” a 2010 tune written by Bob Malone & Jonny Blu, suggests an intimate, yet exuberant, celebration, For the romantics, John Pizzarelli’s touching ballad “Let’s Share Christmas,” is followed by Steve Lawrence’s “Let Me Be The First To Wish You Merry Christmas.” The infectious “Jingles, The Christmas Cat” reveals a mischievous character ripe for his own holiday TV special.

Among the many other highlights is the new Kelly Park swing arrangement of a Bing Crosby ballad, the exuberant “You’re All I Want For Christmas” which features the rollicking big band. A new song by San Francisco composers Candace Forrest & Nancy Schimmel is a rare tribute song to the woman who always has to spend Christmas Eve alone, “Mrs. Claus.” Other classic selections include Aretha Franklin’s happy homage to the joys of “Kissin’ By The Mistletoe,” Julie London’s “Warm In December,” Dean Martin’s bluish hit “The Christmas Blues,” and the quietly stirring “A Winter Romance.” From the contemporary songbook we hear a second John Pizzarelli tune, “Santa Claus Is Near,” and “It’ll Be Christmas Before You Know It,” by Paul Rolnick & Henry Cory. The album wraps up perfectly with the celebratory “It’s Christmas Time All Over The World” first recorded by Sammy Davis, Jr., and on which Russ teams with the Grammy-nominated San Francisco Boys Chorus.

Throughout In The Holiday Spirit, Russ Lorenson is heard in peak form. As the editors of Downbeat say, “The San Franciscan possesses a warm, rhythmically confident voice that holds volumes of Noël exhilaration. A showman of taste and discretion, Lorenson admires Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin without imitating them or adopting a Rat Pack smugness.”

Over the past 10 years Russ Lorenson has established a reputation as a leading interpreter of jazz standards, with a sound and approach that place him at the intersection of Broadway, jazz, and pop – the very essence of the Great American Songbook.  He not only performs the familiar standards but delights in uncovering forgotten classics from the past and discovering newer songs that are of the same high quality. Best known for his critically-acclaimed tributes to Tony Bennett and Bobby Darin, his one-man celebrations of the lives and music of these two musical icons have played to sold-out audiences across North America. His two previous CDs (including his 2006 holiday release, What I Want For Christmas) have received extensive radio airplay in major markets across the US. Jazz Review said that “Lorenson is not just a crooner covering the traditional Sinatra style or trying to be the next Connick; he is his own man.”

As an album that harkens back to the days of Sinatra, Martin, Bennett, and Crosby, In The Holiday Spirit will fit comfortably next to the classic Christmas albums of the past and is destined to become a classic in its own right.

Russ Lorenson is available for interviews, and review copies of In The Holiday Spirit are available through RL Productions at (415) 674-3863. Please contact George Russell ( to arrange.

More information about Russ Lorenson and In The Holiday Spirit can be found at

Update on “In The Holiday Spirit”

Hi everyone!

Just thought I’d give an update on the progress we’re making on getting “In The Holiday Spirit” ready for you…

This past Saturday, we had the final recording session at Studio Trilogy in San Francisco with the wonderful young men of the Grammy-winning San Francisco Boys Chorus.  They are singing with me on a song called “It’s Christmas Time All Over The World,” first recorded by Sammy Davis, Jr. back in 1965, but never released on CD until 2002 in a holiday compilation called “Christmas With The Rat Pack.”  They definitely had the hard part of this song – they sing “Merry Christmas” greetings in French, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Romanian, German, Greek and Japanese!  Merii kurisumasu, anyone?

The boys sang extremely well, and were a delight to work with.  The initial mix of the track sounds awesome!

Speaking of mixing, we just have one mixing session remaining this Saturday.  Gary Mankin of Knob&Tube is doing the mixing and mastering, and has been so great to work with.  The tracks are sounding bright and cheerful, with just enough retro feel to them to harken back to the late 50s/early 60s sound that I wanted to go for.

Next Monday, June 1, we will ship the gold master to my label, LML Music, and manufacturing will begin!

Thanks again to everyone who has been a part of the campaign – as the lyrics to one of the tunes says, “It’ll Be Christmas Before You Know It!”

PS – you can pre-order a copy of the CD by clicking here!

We did it!

THANK YOU to all of Santa’s Elves who help me raise over $10,000 to produce “In The Holiday Spirit!”  On Wednesday, I’ll be in the studio recording for YOU!!

Adam Tatro, Al Moye, Alexandra FitzGibbon, Andrea Marcovicci, Anne Corey, Annette Lai, Austin Lee & Allan Dewes, Becky Schonbrun, Bijan & Panoo Golkar, Bill Pullen, Bob Levy, Candace Forest, Carlos Garcia, Carly Ozard, Cassie Plunkett, Christine Stewart, Chuck & Kathryn McGeorge Nelson, Colby Dyer, Dan Geller & Dayna Goldfine, Dan Goggin, Daniel Fabricant, Daniel Garcia, Dan Walsh, Darin Hollingsworth, Dave Davis, David Cowell, David Keith Ball, David W Sayen, Desmond Lee & Carl Jukkola, Domingo Johnson, Elaine McKenna, Elvira Barajas, Erika Atkinson, Evelyn Wells, Fern Yaffa, Geoffrey van den Brande, George Russell, Gregory Hales, Jackie Baltierra Jakob, James Erb,Jeannie Colbert, Jennifer Essex, Jennifer Giordano, Jennifer Gonzalez, Jennifer Haber, Jennifer Lee, JoAna Gray, John Scott, Joyce Koroslev, Karen Mason & Paul Rolnick, Kate Tharp, Kelly Park, Korede Adeniji, Leslie Thompson, Linda Kosut & Stephen Lyon, Linda Lee, Linda Parker, Lisa Ann Sugimoto, Liz Allott Gindraux, Loren Salter,Mark Becklund, Marta Garner, Matt Stafford, Meri Irwin Rogoff, Mikael Blaisdell, Michael Markham, Mike Hawkes, Mike Johnson & Greg Pacquer, Mike Shecora & Brad Buckley, Nancy MacDonald Ozard, Nathan Ohm & Eduardo Crespo, Nick Hill, Patrick McMurrer, Paul Kagawa, Perry & Eleanor Moore, Peter Jay Ohm, Ramon Garcia, Ray Quirolgico, Richard Cheever, Richard Croft, Richard Skipper, Ron Willis, Roseanne Reynolds, Rosie Balta, Ross Adams, Roy Beauchamp, Sarah Kling, Savannah Kay, Scot Wisniewski, Shannon Smith, Shawn Ryan, Sheila Lowery Saunders & Ann Eleanor Bower, Silvia Martinelli, Skyleur Steffensen, Sofi Plunkett, Stacie Katz, Stephanie Rhoads-Bickham, Stephen Vaught, Susan Ballard, Terence Abad & Marcus Pon,Terry McLaughlin, Terry Rosenstock, Tommy Baker, Tony & Camille Garcia, Tracy & Roland Ambrose, Vickie Lim & Ron Martin, Victor Balta, Wesley Wilson, Will Whelan, Yvonne Ling Deshayes

The countdown begins!

Only 5 days left of my Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for “In The Holiday Spirit,” and these final days are critical to success!

Through the support of amazing fans and friends, I’ve raised over $6,500, about 1/3 of the total goal. I have a steep hill to climb to reach the goal before Monday, and I know I can do it – but not without your help.

So many wonderful things have happened!

• The distributor has confirmed our inclusion in the 2015 Holiday Release catalog!
• We have an official release date! (under wraps for now)
• The recording studio is BOOKED! We start recording 1 week from today!
• Some AMAZING musicians have signed on to be a part of the recording, including the celebrated jazz guitarist Terrence Brewer, and the Grammy® Award-Winning San Francisco Boys Chorus, who will join me on a tune originally recorded by Sammy Davis, Jr.!

This CD is going to get made, but I would love to have you be a part of it – will you help me?

Please take a few moments to visit, choose the incentive package that makes you smile, and make a donation using your Credit Card or PayPal – it’s secure and simple.

And once again – if this isn’t a good time for you to make a financial contribution, that’s totally fine! But please share this update and the campaign link with your friends and family who may like this kind of music.  These last days are crucial, and anything you can do to get the word out is appreciated more than you know. Only 41% of people take action based on ads, but 90% believe recommendations from friends. #holidayspiritcd #bigband #jazz

We’ve passed the 30% mark!

I am woefully behind in thanking folks for their support in getting us to this 30% milestone, so hang on, ‘cuz here we go!

A large group of folks contributed earlier this week to get us to the $5000 mark so that I could submit the paperwork to the record label for inclusion in the 2015 Holiday Release catalog – thanks to the “5K Club”: Sarah Kling, Terence Abad, Marcus Pon, John Scott, Alfred Moye, Dave Davis, Nick Hill, Candace Forest, Paul Kagawa Photo & Video​ (who shot the great concert footage at our Feinstein’s show), Jennifer Lee (who helped Paul Kagawa shoot the video, and is a fab jazz singer in her own right), Mikael Blaisdell, Peter Jay Ohm (again!!), Linda Parker, Savannah Hall, Daniel Fabricant (who will be the amazing bass player on the CD!), and Dan Geller & Dayna Goldfine (who already helped by shooting my Indiegogo campaign video!).  Thank you all so much!!!

Of course, as soon as one milestone is reached, another is looming!  Thanks to the group who took us to the $6000 mark with their generous gifts:  Adam Tatro, Darin Hollingsworth, Mike Hawkes, JoAna Gray, Matt Stafford, Kate Tharp, Jennifer Essex (one of the original “Russelles”), Annette Lai, and my very tall friend & great singer Scot Wisniewski​ (thanks, Stretch!).  Thanks so much to all you for your generosity!

It truly takes a crowd to crowdfund, and I am so grateful for all of your support.

Onward and upward!  We have 10 days until the end of the campaign – let’s keep the momentum going!!  Send everyone you know to

#holidayspiritcd #crowdfunding #bigband #jazz

Exciting updates about “In The Holiday Spirit”

I am wayyy behind in thank you updates for the Indiegogo campaign (I’ll make up for that later today), but I have good reasons – we are firing on all cylinders getting ready to start the project!

– The distributor has confirmed our inclusion in the 2015 Holiday Release catalog!

– We have an official release date! (more on this later)

– The recording studio is BOOKED!

– Some AMAZING musicians have signed on to be a part of the recording! Here’s one I’m super excited about:

Billboard Magazine says “his guitar work is fluent, and his feel for the groove is unerring…” JazzTimes proclaims, “(He is) A melodic improviser with an exquisite tone and an abundance of soul…” The San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “(He) has a natural, inviting sound that instantly transports you back to the heyday of classic jazz guitar…”

Who is “he,” you ask?

I am thrilled to announce that “He” is my friend, the amazing jazz guitarist Terrence Brewer​, who played with me during the 2008 run of my “Standard Time” show! Besides lil’ ol’ me, Terrence has worked with such esteemed artists as Diana Krall, Michael McDonald (Doobie Brothers), Mary Wilson (The Supremes), and Pete Escovedo, among many others.

Take a listen to our duet together on a song called “Danglin’,” recorded live at the Metropolitan Room​ in NYC:

Please visit the Indiegogo​ campaign at – today’s goal is $770 – that’s how close we are to the $6000 level! Can we make it happen today??

#holidayspiritcd #tbt #crowdfunding

We’ve reached a major campaign milestone!

While we still have a ways to go to reach the ultimate goal, we’ve hit a major milestone!  As of now, we’ve raised 25% of the goal – $5,000 – and I am submitting the paperwork to the record label!  We are definitely “In The Holiday Spirit!  Thanks to everyone for your support!!

Keep sharing the campaign on all things social media – we’ve got a big amount to raise in the next 13 days!  Use those little “share” buttons to tell everyone you know! #holidayspiritcd


Tomorrow marks the deadline for submitting the paperwork to my record label and distributor to ensure a slot in the release catalogs that retailers like iTunes, Amazon and others use to promote the holiday season.

I’m planning to pull the trigger and submit the paperwork with the faith that the funds will come in to make this CD a reality – will you help me?

ITHS - IGG Page Assets-34-768X768As of today, I am over 50% of the way through the campaign, and thanks to the help of friends and fans like you, I’ve raised $4600, which is 23% of the goal. I still have 2 weeks to go, but frankly, I am behind when it comes to the funding I need to make this project a reality, and I need your support.

Please take a few moments to visit, choose the incentive package that makes you smile, and make a donation using your Credit Card or PayPal – it’s secure and simple. Let’s see if we can get to 25% funded – $5000 – before I submit the paperwork!

This project is important to me personally because there just isn’t a lot of this type of music being made today.  Sure, there are always lots of holiday CDs coming out, but they’re covering the same 10-20 songs that every other CD covers.  What I’m doing with the amazing Kelly Park Big Band is focusing on the music that is closest to my heart – songs from the Golden Age of holiday music, as well as contemporary tunes written in the same classic style. I can guarantee that there will be songs on this CD that you’ve never heard before, let alone grown tired of hearing year after year.

I need your help, and I’m asking that you not wait until the end of the campaign to join the team.

And again – if this isn’t a good time for you to make a financial contribution, please share this message and the campaign link with your contacts who may like this kind of music. Everything and anything you can do – even just a reply letting me know you’re with me in spirit – is appreciated more than you know.

PLEASE NOTE: Facebook has scared some people away from sharing the campaign, because every time the link gets posted, Facebook pops up a warning saying the link may be unsafe – but it’s not! You can easily share this message by clicking on the Share link, and when the security pop-up appears, just enter the CAPTCHA characters (those random numbers and letters that prove you’re not a robot) and click Submit – easy peasy!!

Please feel free to message me back any questions directly, I am happy to answer any and all. Thank you in advance your participation and support.

Halfway though the campaign, and more people to thank!

Steve Vaught​, one of my bestest buddies, made a wonderful donation this week. Steve and I met back in 2009 doing a show about an exploding volcano, and life’s been one big disaster movie ever since, LOL. He guested in my show at Feinstein’s earlier this month, and will next be appearing in “Where’s Charley?” at 42nd Street Moon, opening May 2. Thanks Steve-o!!

The Ohm brothers have been very good to me during this campaign! Peter​ started the ball rolling, and now Nathan​ has come through with an extremely generous donation, pushing us over the 20% mark!! Thank you so much, Nathan – you and Eduardo​ are such a blessing!

Linda Kosut​, one of my “cabarangels”, and her wonderful husband Stephen Lyon​ have been such great supporters and friends. Linda actually pointed me toward Indiegogo, where she raised the funds for her fabulous last CD, “Easy Come, Easy Go – the music of Johnny Green.” Daniel and I got to contribute to that campaign, and now Linda & Steve have returned the favor. Thanks, you guys!

Daniel’s cousin Jackie Baltierra Jakob​ and her husband David​ (part of the LA crew!) helped push us over the 21% mark – thanks so much!!!

Finally, my teacher, great friend, and huge inspiration – also known as the “Queen of Cabaret” – Andrea Marcovicci​ has gotten “In The Holiday Spirit” with a generous donation. Thank you for always being so supportive of me, and inspiring me to do more. MWAH! #holidayspiritcd

10 days in, and more thank you’s!

First up, Terry Rosenstock, Owner of Golden Gate Group Tickets, which provides entertainment, activities and dining options for all types of groups.  Terry and I started working together when she booked several groups to come see private group performances of a few of my shows.  If you’ve got a group and you’re looking for fun things to do, check out her website at  Thanks Terry!!

Next is Korede Adeniji, a co-worker of the husband’s and someone I’ve only met briefly.  But I feel like I know her so well because Daniel raves about her non-stop.  Thanks for your help, Korede!!

You know how some co-workers become more like your co-survivors from a POW camp?  Well, Joyce Koroslev and I have been though at least one war together in day-job land, and have lived to tell about it (if you ply us with cocktails!).  Thanks Joyce – you’re a doll!

Finally, there are several people who have decided to remain anonymous with their assistance, and just because I can’t mention them by name doesn’t mean they’re not as important.  This anonymous group is responsible for nearly 6% of the funds raised so far!  You know who you are out there, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU even though I can’t name you!! #holidayspiritcd

We’re starting week 2 of the campaign with more gratitude!

Thanks to the latest batch (herd? clutch? gaggle?) of Santa’s little helpers:

For those of you who came to my most recent show at Feinstein’s, you heard me tell the tale of a “forgetful” pilot friend of mine, Chuck Nelson. Luckily, Chuck didn’t forget about joining the campaign! Thanks for keeping us in the air, captain!

At that same show, you would have also heard me tell the tale of a trip I made to an exotic food restaurant in the Philippines, where I enjoyed several local delicacies like monitor lizard, giant python and whole frog. Vickie Lim was with me on that trip and can attest to my culinary bravery – thank you Vicky for your delicious donation to the campaign!  And just for fun, here’s a photo from that fateful dinner:


Tommy Baker is a relatively new friend, and we just spent Easter together with Sister Roma, Mutha Chucka, and so many other fabulous people in their Easter bonnets. Thank you Tommy for your very generous gift in my Easter basket!

Stacie Katz works with the husband, and is also partnered to a singer – so she understands the struggles of working musicians! Thanks Stacie for being a part of the project!

Will Whelan is another relatively new friend who is moving back to San Francisco after a brief sojourn to one of my favorite cities, Minneapolis. He’s trading the cold winters there to spend “Christmas in San Francisco” from now on! Thanks Will for getting “In The Holiday Spirit!” #holidayspiritcd #crowdfunding

It’s time to thank today’s Fab Five!

Fern Yaffa, a longtime supporter who has come to many shows and has been such a cheerleader for me and music!  Thank you, dear one!!

Mike Shecora is a friend from high school, who accompanied me in my very first solo competition back in 1979!  We did a Barry Manilow tune called, “Why Don’t We Live Together?” (even though in Michael’s advanced years he thinks we did “Daybreak,” lol).  Watch for Michael to make a special guest appearance in my upcoming “Fanilow” show at Feinstein’s in October…

Bob Levy is a wonderful songwriter, whose songs I included in my 2008 show, “Standard Time.”  Once we pass our initial fundraising goal, any additional  funds raised will go to mix and master a recording of the music from that show, so that Bob’s songs can be heard by many more folks.  Thank you Bob!!

Raymond Quirolgico is a fan who used to live here in San Francisco, but has since moved to the LA-area.  He’s always been a great supporter, and I’m excited that I may get to see him again in person – we’re working on an LA-area appearance as we speak, so hopefully I’ll have more news on that soon.  Thanks Ray!

Finally, Anne Corey was the first contributor that I didn’t know personally, so I sent her an email and asked how she heard about the campaign.  Her response stopped me in my tracks:  My brother Henry Cory was one of the songwriters for ‘It’ll Be Christmas Before You Know It’ [RL: one of the songs on the new CD]. I was told about your campaign by Paul Rodnick, the other songwriter. My brother passed away in 2010 but I know that where ever he is, this project of yours is giving him a big thrill. I will share it with friends.”  That kind of connection is exactly why I continue to make music.  Thank you Anne!  And thank you Henry!! #holidayspiritcd