Fern Yaffa, a longtime supporter who has come to many shows and has been such a cheerleader for me and music!  Thank you, dear one!!

Mike Shecora is a friend from high school, who accompanied me in my very first solo competition back in 1979!  We did a Barry Manilow tune called, “Why Don’t We Live Together?” (even though in Michael’s advanced years he thinks we did “Daybreak,” lol).  Watch for Michael to make a special guest appearance in my upcoming “Fanilow” show at Feinstein’s in October…

Bob Levy is a wonderful songwriter, whose songs I included in my 2008 show, “Standard Time.”  Once we pass our initial fundraising goal, any additional  funds raised will go to mix and master a recording of the music from that show, so that Bob’s songs can be heard by many more folks.  Thank you Bob!!

Raymond Quirolgico is a fan who used to live here in San Francisco, but has since moved to the LA-area.  He’s always been a great supporter, and I’m excited that I may get to see him again in person – we’re working on an LA-area appearance as we speak, so hopefully I’ll have more news on that soon.  Thanks Ray!

Finally, Anne Corey was the first contributor that I didn’t know personally, so I sent her an email and asked how she heard about the campaign.  Her response stopped me in my tracks:  My brother Henry Cory was one of the songwriters for ‘It’ll Be Christmas Before You Know It’ [RL: one of the songs on the new CD]. I was told about your campaign by Paul Rodnick, the other songwriter. My brother passed away in 2010 but I know that where ever he is, this project of yours is giving him a big thrill. I will share it with friends.”  That kind of connection is exactly why I continue to make music.  Thank you Anne!  And thank you Henry!!

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