OK, that post title isn’t my best work…but it’s still time to say thank you to our latest batch of Santa’s helpers!

First up, Silvia Martinelli, who is such a big supporter of local artists! Thanks for the contribution AND for coming to my last show at Feinstein’s!

What can I say about the incredible Richard Skipper – it sounds like a cliché to call him a “giver,” but it’s true! Richard is a passionate and tireless supporter of so many artists, and doesn’t just go to a show – he always brings a crowd with him! Thank you Richard!!

Christine Stewart, my dear friend from the “day job” side of my life has seen me at my worst (“what do you mean, I won’t get my luggage tonight?!?!”) but loves me anyway. One of these days we have to get you to a show! Thank you!!

Carly Ozard is a powerhouse performer, 4-time guest (and one time host!) of my annual holiday show, and has a heart as big as the great outdoors. Love you, Miss Carly!! MWAH!

And lastly, thanks to Jim Erb, great friend to the husband and me, and a fellow Cedar Point fan! Thanks for your generous support!

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