We are now over $2500, and it’s time to start saying THANK YOU to those who have gotten us this far!

Our first contributor was Wesley Wilson!!  Thanks for kicking off the campaign, my dear friend!

Next up was Susan Ballard – not from Rhode Island, but a California girl who spent her birthday allowance on my campaign 😉

Mike Johnson & Greg Paquer were our first Prancers, followed closely by another Prancer from way back, Liz Gindraux!

Next we have my longtime friends (and rum ball addiction enablers) Desmond Lee and Carl Jukkola!

Thanks to you “First Five” for kicking this campaign off in such a great way – because of you all, we passed the $500 mark within 1 hour of our launch!


Thanks to another five angels who have helped get us off to a wonderful start!

Daniel Garcia – he gets all the perks automatically (he’s my hubby after all!), but still decided to give in a big way!  Our first “double Prancer”!

Peter Jay Ohm – busy with his own “Dining Out For Life” campaign (https://www.facebook.com/events/663964450374042), he took the time to join our project!

Perry Moore – I can’t remember a time when he and his lovely mother Eleanor were not sitting in the front row of one of my shows – for 10 years running!

Meri Rogoff – a fellow alumnus from our fabulous high school music program – go Patriots!

Shawn Ryan – a fellow singer and now filmmaker, touring the world’s film festivals with his first short film, “Charlie.”

Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart!!  What a way to get “In The Holiday Spirit!” #holidayspiritCD