Thanks to the latest batch (herd? clutch? gaggle?) of Santa’s little helpers:

For those of you who came to my most recent show at Feinstein’s, you heard me tell the tale of a “forgetful” pilot friend of mine, Chuck Nelson. Luckily, Chuck didn’t forget about joining the campaign! Thanks for keeping us in the air, captain!

At that same show, you would have also heard me tell the tale of a trip I made to an exotic food restaurant in the Philippines, where I enjoyed several local delicacies like monitor lizard, giant python and whole frog. Vickie Lim was with me on that trip and can attest to my culinary bravery – thank you Vicky for your delicious donation to the campaign!  And just for fun, here’s a photo from that fateful dinner:


Tommy Baker is a relatively new friend, and we just spent Easter together with Sister Roma, Mutha Chucka, and so many other fabulous people in their Easter bonnets. Thank you Tommy for your very generous gift in my Easter basket!

Stacie Katz works with the husband, and is also partnered to a singer – so she understands the struggles of working musicians! Thanks Stacie for being a part of the project!

Will Whelan is another relatively new friend who is moving back to San Francisco after a brief sojourn to one of my favorite cities, Minneapolis. He’s trading the cold winters there to spend “Christmas in San Francisco” from now on! Thanks Will for getting “In The Holiday Spirit!” #holidayspiritcd #crowdfunding