I am woefully behind in thanking folks for their support in getting us to this 30% milestone, so hang on, ‘cuz here we go!

A large group of folks contributed earlier this week to get us to the $5000 mark so that I could submit the paperwork to the record label for inclusion in the 2015 Holiday Release catalog – thanks to the “5K Club”: Sarah Kling, Terence Abad, Marcus Pon, John Scott, Alfred Moye, Dave Davis, Nick Hill, Candace Forest, Paul Kagawa Photo & Video​ (who shot the great concert footage at our Feinstein’s show), Jennifer Lee (who helped Paul Kagawa shoot the video, and is a fab jazz singer in her own right), Mikael Blaisdell, Peter Jay Ohm (again!!), Linda Parker, Savannah Hall, Daniel Fabricant (who will be the amazing bass player on the CD!), and Dan Geller & Dayna Goldfine (who already helped by shooting my Indiegogo campaign video!).  Thank you all so much!!!

Of course, as soon as one milestone is reached, another is looming!  Thanks to the group who took us to the $6000 mark with their generous gifts:  Adam Tatro, Darin Hollingsworth, Mike Hawkes, JoAna Gray, Matt Stafford, Kate Tharp, Jennifer Essex (one of the original “Russelles”), Annette Lai, and my very tall friend & great singer Scot Wisniewski​ (thanks, Stretch!).  Thanks so much to all you for your generosity!

It truly takes a crowd to crowdfund, and I am so grateful for all of your support.

Onward and upward!  We have 10 days until the end of the campaign – let’s keep the momentum going!!  Send everyone you know to http://holidayspiritcd.com.

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