Update on “In The Holiday Spirit”

Hi everyone!

Just thought I’d give an update on the progress we’re making on getting “In The Holiday Spirit” ready for you…

This past Saturday, we had the final recording session at Studio Trilogy in San Francisco with the wonderful young men of the Grammy-winning San Francisco Boys Chorus.

The countdown begins!

Only 5 days left of my Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for “In The Holiday Spirit,” and these final days are critical to success!

Through the support of amazing fans and friends, I’ve raised over $6,500, about 1/3 of the total goal. I have a steep hill to climb to reach the goal before Monday, and I know I can do it – but not without your help.

So many wonderful things have happened!

We’ve passed the 30% mark!

I am woefully behind in thanking folks for their support in getting us to this 30% milestone, so hang on, ‘cuz here we go!

A large group of folks contributed earlier this week to get us to the $5000 mark so that I could submit the paperwork to the record label for inclusion in the 2015 Holiday Release catalog – thanks to the “5K Club”: Sarah Kling, Terence Abad, Marcus Pon, John Scott, Alfred Moye, Dave Davis, Nick Hill, Candace Forest, Paul Kagawa Photo & Video? (who shot the great concert footage at our Feinstein’s show), Jennifer Lee (who helped Paul Kagawa shoot the video, and is a fab jazz singer in her own right), Mikael Blaisdell, Peter Jay Ohm (again!!), Linda Parker, Savannah Hall, Daniel Fabricant (who will be the amazing bass player on the CD!), and Dan Geller & Dayna Goldfine (who already helped by shooting my Indiegogo campaign video!).

Exciting updates about “In The Holiday Spirit”

I am wayyy behind in thank you updates for the Indiegogo campaign (I’ll make up for that later today), but I have good reasons – we are firing on all cylinders getting ready to start the project!

– The distributor has confirmed our inclusion in the 2015 Holiday Release catalog!

– We have an official release date! (more on this later)

– The recording studio is BOOKED!

– Some AMAZING musicians have signed on to be a part of the recording! Here’s one I’m super excited about:

Billboard Magazine says “his guitar work is fluent, and his feel for the groove is unerring…” JazzTimes proclaims, “(He is) A melodic improviser with an exquisite tone and an abundance of soul…” The San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “(He) has a natural, inviting sound that instantly transports you back to the heyday of classic jazz guitar…”

Who is “he,” you ask?

I am thrilled to announce that “He” is my friend, the amazing jazz guitarist Terrence Brewer?, who played with me during the 2008 run of my “Standard Time” show! Besides lil’ ol’ me, Terrence has worked with such esteemed artists as Diana Krall, Michael McDonald (Doobie Brothers), Mary Wilson (The Supremes), and Pete Escovedo, among many others.

Take a listen to our duet together on a song called “Danglin’,” recorded live at the Metropolitan Room? in NYC:

Please visit the Indiegogo? campaign at http://holidayspiritcd.com – today’s goal is $770 – that’s how close we are to the $6000 level! Can we make it happen today??

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Tomorrow marks the deadline for submitting the paperwork to my record label and distributor to ensure a slot in the release catalogs that retailers like iTunes, Amazon and others use to promote the holiday season.

I’m planning to pull the trigger and submit the paperwork with the faith that the funds will come in to make this CD a reality – will you help me?

ITHS - IGG Page Assets-34-768X768As of today, I am over 50% of the way through the campaign, and thanks to the help of friends and fans like you, I’ve raised $4600, which is 23% of the goal. I still have 2 weeks to go, but frankly, I am behind when it comes to the funding I need to make this project a reality, and I need your support.

Please take a few moments to visit http://holidayspiritcd.com, choose the incentive package that makes you smile, and make a donation using your Credit Card or PayPal – it’s secure and simple. Let’s see if we can get to 25% funded – $5000 – before I submit the paperwork!

This project is important to me personally because there just isn’t a lot of this type of music being made today.

Halfway though the campaign, and more people to thank!

Steve Vaught?, one of my bestest buddies, made a wonderful donation this week. Steve and I met back in 2009 doing a show about an exploding volcano, and life’s been one big disaster movie ever since, LOL. He guested in my show at Feinstein’s earlier this month, and will next be appearing in “Where’s Charley?” at 42nd Street Moon, opening May 2. Thanks Steve-o!!

The Ohm brothers have been very good to me during this campaign! Peter? started the ball rolling, and now Nathan? has come through with an extremely generous donation, pushing us over the 20% mark!! Thank you so much, Nathan – you and Eduardo? are such a blessing!

Linda Kosut?, one of my “cabarangels”, and her wonderful husband Stephen Lyon? have been such great supporters and friends. Linda actually pointed me toward Indiegogo, where she raised the funds for her fabulous last CD, “Easy Come, Easy Go – the music of Johnny Green.” Daniel and I got to contribute to that campaign, and now Linda & Steve have returned the favor. Thanks, you guys!

Daniel’s cousin Jackie Baltierra Jakob? and her husband David? (part of the LA crew!) helped push us over the 21% mark – thanks so much!!!

Finally, my teacher, great friend, and huge inspiration – also known as the “Queen of Cabaret” – Andrea Marcovicci? has gotten “In The Holiday Spirit” with a generous donation. Thank you for always being so supportive of me, and inspiring me to do more. MWAH!

http://holidayspiritcd.com #holidayspiritcd

We’re starting week 2 of the campaign with more gratitude!

Thanks to the latest batch (herd? clutch? gaggle?) of Santa’s little helpers:

For those of you who came to my most recent show at Feinstein’s, you heard me tell the tale of a “forgetful” pilot friend of mine, Chuck Nelson. Luckily, Chuck didn’t forget about joining the campaign! Thanks for keeping us in the air, captain!

At that same show, you would have also heard me tell the tale of a trip I made to an exotic food restaurant in the Philippines, where I enjoyed several local delicacies like monitor lizard, giant python and whole frog. Vickie Lim was with me on that trip and can attest to my culinary bravery – thank you Vicky for your delicious donation to the campaign!