First up – our BIGGEST contribution thus far comes from someone very special to me (and not just because of his donation!): Danny Goggin, creator of the “Nunsense” series of shows that have played all over the world. Danny & I worked together on 2 of the shows, “Nunsense Jamboree” and “Nuncrackers.” You are a super angel dear friend!!

Next up – my beautiful mother-in-law (you don’t often hear those words together!) Elvira Barajas. We are so thrilled that she beat lymphoma last year, and I am so proud when she calls me “son.” Gracias, Mama!!

Gregory Hales – one of my very best friends in the world – and someone who is helping me run this campaign – THANK YOU!!!

Skyleur Steffensen, a new friend and colleague at the “day job”, snagged one of the eight “Elf” spots we had (now sold out), so I am excited that he will finally get to see one of my shows in person! Thank you sir!

And finally, Geoff van den Brande and Michael Markham have certainly been good to me this month. Not only did they surprise me by coming to my April 1 show in San Francisco, they also bought a CD at the show. And now, they’ve joined the campaign as the latest Dancers! Thanks guys!!

More thank you’s to come!! #holidayspiritcd