I’m excited to announce that the first single from my new album “Standard Time: Live In New York” is available for Pre-Save across all major music platforms! Follow this link to pre-save the single on your favorite music platform!

Who says The Great American Songbook stopped being written in 1959? Many have deemed that The Great American Songbook is going extinct. But in 2008, I saw it differently. I put together a show of “new standards,” demonstrating that songs with soul and depth were still being crafted. My show, “Standard Time,” was a tribute to love and relationships, shedding light on the fresh pages being added to The Great American Songbook of the New Millennium.

While initially recorded with the intention of a 2009 release, this album of songs from performances at the beloved (and sorely missed) Metropolitan Room nightclub in New York had been shelved. But now, 15 years later, these rediscovered gems validate my belief: many have indeed evolved into the new generation’s standards.

Every track on this album draws inspiration from composers who themselves have been torchbearers of the classic standards — artists like Michael Feinstein, Harry Connick Jr., John Pizzarelli, Tony DeSare and more. Their modern compositions, echoing with undertones of jazz classics, stand as testament to the living, breathing, evolving nature of the Songbook.

“Raise the Roof” is a vibrant, high-energy song by composer Andrew Lippa. A catchy, rhythmic melody marked by infectious enthusiasm and jazzy undertones, it’s an anthem of escapism & indulgence, and urges the listener to set aside worries and celebrate life.

Follow this link to pre-save the single on your favorite music platform!