ReverbNation continues its weekly highlight of ALL 15 tracks for my new album, “Standard Time: Live In New York.” This week’s ReverbNation Featured Artist track is “Swing Is Back In Style” with music by Michael Feinstein, and lyrics by Ray Jessel & Cynthia Thompson. The song was first recorded by Michael Feinstein on his 1999 album, “Big City Rhythms.”

Radio Airplay reviewer Zachary Larson says, “Russ Lorenson reminds of the good old days with his live version of Michael Feinstein’s ‘Swing Is Back In Style.’ Just bright enough with a steady pulse, this tune emits a feeling of life that is infectious and confident. It calmly weighs different styles, but remains steadfast that Swing is king. Lorenson brings a breath of fresh air to the quick rhythms, oblong phrases, and somewhat overbearing rhymes. This tune is written with a fair amount of sass and plenty of references to jazz culture. Its essence is fun, and Lorenson is able to amplify and keep that energy going. The band does a fantastic job of keeping the groove in the pocket and supporting the vocals. They perform masterfully without drawing too much attention to themselves, except when in the spotlight.”

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